Support the club by becoming a Vice President

To become an honorary Vice President of the Alderney football club. All you need to do is support the club by giving a donation of £10 or more. This will entitle you to updates on each game they play, and to add your team on the Vice President’s club league table.

Vice Presidents

Adam Rose Manchester United
Adrian Street Crystal Palace
Alan Adamson Heart of Midlothian
Alan Foster Leeds United
Alex Gent Reading
Alice Brennan Manchester United
Ali Roberts Tottenham Hotspur
Alison Crawford Tottenham Hotspur
Andrew Morris Fulham
Andrea Maxwell Sheffield United
Andrew Adamson Heart of Midlothian
Andrew Brook Sheffield Wednesday
Andrew Egglestone Brentford
Andrew Lawrence Plymouth Argyle
Andrew Stone Nottingham Forest
Andrew Wright Tottenham Hotspur
Andy McKay Glasgow Rangers
Andy Newman Leicester City
Andy Wood Liverpool
Angela De La Motte Norwich City
Angus McIntyre Albion Rovers
Ann Adamson Heart of Midlothian
Anna Hunt Harrogate Town
Annemarie Young Partick Thistle
Anonymous Donor Glasgow Celtic
Anonymous Donor Glasgow Celtic
Anonymous Donor Glasgow Celtic
Anonymous Donor Glasgow Celtic
Ashley Foster Leeds United
Astrid Taylor Fulham
Ayla Lord Liverpool
Barbara Featherstone Liverpool
Ben Carter Brighton and Hove Albion
Ben Jones Chelsea
Bernie Crawford Luton Town
Billy Bohan Tottenham Hotspur
Billy Le Pouilain Birmingham City
Billy Watt Plymouth Argyle
Bradley Gamage Arsenal
Buster MacFarlane Glasgow Rangers
Callum Collier AFC Bournemouth
Cameron Maloy Newcastle United
Caroline Foster Brighton and Hove Albion
Caroline Jean Brighton and Hove Albion
Caroline Sweerts Manchester United
Carol MacFarlane Glasgow Celtic
Celia Boatright Arsenal
Ceri MacFarlane Glasgow Rangers
Charles Searle Oxford United
Charmaine Johnson Kingstonians
Chippy Tottenham Hotspur
Chris Johns Manchester United
Chris Jones Chelsea
Chris Wakefield Manchester City
Ciaran Gentle West Ham United
Ciaran Stretton Birmingham City
Clare Evelyn Chelsea
Clive Fisher Chelsea
Colin Prescot Southampton
Colin Renouf Tottenham Hotspur
Colin Young Sunderland
Damien Larkin Liverpool
Damien Taylor AFC Wimbledon
Daniel Kelleher Liverpool
Daniel Taylor AFC Wimbledon
Daniel Whyte Arsenal
Danny Williams Swindon Town
Dan Robinson AFC Bournemouth
Dante Walker Manchester United
Darren Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Dave Carter Brighton and Hove Albion
Dave Whatmore Buildcon FC
David Baker Aston Villa
David Legg Walsall
David Wethey Chelsea
Dean Carre Liverpool
Deborah Green AFC Bournemouth
Derek Halling Brighton and Hove Albion
Derek Smith Chelsea
Duncan Goodhew Chelsea
Ed Butel Ipswich Town
Eddy Nash Portsmouth
Ellis Downes Leicester City
Emile Phelan Manchester United
Esther Green Cardiff City
Francoise Halling Brighton and Hove Albion
Frank Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Fran Webster Manchester United
Gareth Foster Leeds United
Gary Maurice West Ham United
Geoff Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Geoff Craig Portsmouth
George Bunn Birmingham City
Georgina Evelyn Exeter City
Grant Talibard West Ham United
Guy Butler Notts County
Harrison Hill Southampton
Heidi Dawber Liverpool
Henry Davey Manchester United
Hilary Roberts Blackburn Rovers
Ian Adamson Heart of Midlothian
Ian Carter Brighton and Hove Albion
Ian Craig Portsmouth
Ian MacFarlane Glasgow Rangers
Ian Oakden York City
Ivor Baker Cardiff City
Jack Ives Brighton and Hove Albion
Jack Williams Bradford City
Jacob Olivier Liverpool
James Butel Manchester United
James Gow Chelsea
James MacFarlane Glasgow Celtic
James Maxwell Glasgow Celtic
James Parker Manchester United
James Taylor Manchester United
James Walker Manchester United
Jamie Laband Chelsea
Jamie Macdonald Dundee United
Jane Legg Crystal Palace
Jason Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Jason McClean Norwich City
Jayden Maloy Newcastle United
Jenni Latham Blackpool
Jermaine Parry Middlesborough
Jill Riou Exeter City
Jim Poyner Tottenham Hotspur
Jo Doardo-Young Newcastle United
Joe Blackham Tottenham Hotspur
John Adamson Heart of Midlothian
John Gollop
John Gorman Southampton
John House Everton
John Treleven AFC Bournemouth
John Weir Southend United
Johnny Roberts Blackburn Rovers
Jonathan Jeune Chelsea
Jonathan Reynard Arsenal
Jon Green Southampton
Josh Concanen Aston Villa
Josh McCulloch Arsenal
Josh Tugby Manchester United
Julian Lillington Leyton Orient
Julie-Anne Uggla Arsenal
Keith Ives Brighton and Hove Albion
Keith Webster Manchester United
Ken Bithell Birmingham City
Kenny MacFarlaine Glasgow Celtic
Kevin Gentle West Ham United
Kirstie Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Lara Goold Blackpool
Laurence Foster Brighton and Hove Albion
Lee Errington Newcastle United
Lee Flewitt Manchester United
Lee McCormack Manchester United
Lee Renouf Tottenham Hotspur
Lee Sanders Blackpool
Leslie Aldis West Ham United
Les Saunders Bedworth United
Linda Aldis West Ham United
Linda McCulloch Arsenal
Louise Andrew Swindon Town
Louis Jean Brighton and Hove Albion
Maggie Cunningham AFC Bournemouth
Marge Bunn Birmingham City
Marie Ives Brighton and Hove Albion
Mark Chadney Arsenal
Mark Cosheril Manchester City
Mark Marriner Portsmouth
Martin Edwards Arsenal
Martin Sebire Leeds United
Martin Smith Grimsby Town
Mary McManus Liverpool
Matin Miah Manchester United
Matt Aldcroft Chelsea
Matt Baker Chelsea
Matt Bermingham Arsenal
Matt Burnham Leeds United
Matt Cosheril Aston Villa
Maureen Legg Walsall
Mel Manley Crystal Palace
Michael Crowther Sheffield Wednesday
Michael Foister Leicester City
Michael Maunder Arsenal
Michelle Rick West Ham United
Mike Price Bristol City
Mookie Bradford City
Mullo Newcastle United
Nancy Jouby Ajax
Neil Hunter Manchester United
Neil Venton Arsenal
Nick Bowditch Exeter City
Nick Korby
Nick Lock Tottenham Hotspur
Nick Roberts Manchester United
Nigel Dupont Manchester United
Nigel Lawrence Plymouth Argyle
Nigel Soane-Sands Sutton United
Nigel Voight Arsenal
Norman Butel Manchester United
Owen Carre Liverpool
Paddy Burland Leeds United
Pat Baker Cardiff City
Pat Foray Chelsea
Pat Swift Brighton and Hove Albion
Paul Baker Manchester United
Paul Bohan Nottingham Forest
Paul Bunn Birmingham City
Paul Daly Coventry City
Paul Dogherty Southampton
Paul Durston Cardiff City
Paul Latham Blackpool
Paul Southcott Arsenal
Paul Williams Bradford City
Peter Bond Manchester United
Pete Concanen Aston Villa
Pete Cunningham AFC Bournemouth
Peter Evelyn Exeter City
Peter Riou Exeter City
Peter Le Carpentier Tottenham Hotspur
Peter Page Swindon Town
Peter Smith Tottenham Hotspur
Peter Tugby Watford
Phil Davies Tranmere Rovers
Piet Hein Coventry City
Pikey James Manchester United
Rachal Bowditch Tottenham Hotspur
Ray Foray Chelsea
Ray Parkin Exeter City
Reg Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Rev Anthony Roberts Burnley
Richard Brazier Southampton
Richard Green AFC Bournemouth
Richard Harrison Port Vale
Richard Paterson Knight Reading
Richard Hunt Bristol Rovers
Richard Moore Manchester United
Rick Flatres Leeds United
Rio Bowditch Glasgow Rangers
Rob Avery Glasgow Celtic
Robert Latham Blackpool
Robert Sebire Manchester City
Robin Whicker Wolverhampton Wanderers
Rob Neil Arsenal
Roger Featherstone Liverpool
Ronnie Cairnduff Leicester City
Rosa Chadney Arsenal
Roscoe Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Rosemary James Crystal Palace
Ross Nickerson Cambridge United
Ros Whittome Peterborough United
Roy Sealey Tottenham Hotspur
Ryan Bunn Birmingham City
Ryan Gallienne Manchester United
Sally Bohan Burnley
Sam Chadwick Bolton Wanderers
Sarah Taylor Leicester City
Scotty John Glasgow Celtic
Shaky Coventry City
Simon Brazier Southampton
Stephen Taylor Hereford FC
Steve Concanen Aston Villa
Steve Brassington Blackpool
Steven Boatright Leyton Orient
Steve Parilla Tottenham Hotspur
Stuart Clark Brighton and Hove Albion
Sue Price Burnley
Sylvia Atkins Brighton and Hove Albion
Tam McKay Glasgow Celtic
Terri Marriner Manchester United
Theo Gauvain Liverpool
Thomas Keenan Southampton
Tim Jackson Manchester City
Tina Butterworth Manchester City
Tom Rumball Brighton and Hove Albion
Tony Barnes Stalybridge Celtic
Wayne Chandler Swindon Town
Wayne Cosherill Liverpool
William Tate Everton

Vice Presidents Clubs

27 – Manchester United
23 – Brighton and Hove Albion
16 – Arsenal
15 – Tottenham Hotspur
14 – Chelsea
13 – Liverpool
11 – Glasgow Celtic
8 – Southampton
7 – AFC Bournemouth
7 – Birmingham City
7 – Leeds United
7 – West Ham United
6 – Blackpool
6 – Exeter City
5 – Aston Villa
5 – Glasgow Rangers
5 – Heart of Midlothian
5 – Leicester City
5 – Manchester City
5 – Newcastle United
4 – Cardiff City
4 – Crystal Palace
4 – Portsmouth
4 – Swindon Town
3 – Bradford City
3 – Burnley
3 – Coventry City
3 – Plymouth Argyle
2 – AFC Wimbledon
2 – Blackburn Rovers
2 – Everton
2 – Fulham
2 – Leyton Orient
2 – Norwich City
2 – Nottingham Forest
2 – Reading
2 – Sheffield Wednesday
2 – Walsall
1 – Ajax
1 – Albion Rovers
1 – Bedworth United
1 – Bolton Wanderers
1 – Brentford
1 – Bristol City
1 – Bristol Rovers
1 – Buildcon FC
1 – Cambridge United
1 – Dundee United
1 – Grimsby Town
1 – Harrogate Town
1 – Hereford FC
1 – Ipswich Town
1 – Kingstonians
1 – Luton Town
1 – Middleborough
1 – Notts County
1 – Oxford United
1 – Partick Thistle
1 – Peterborough United
1 – Port Vale
1 – Sheffield United
1 – Southend United
1 – Stalybridge Celtic
1 – Sunderland
1 – Sutton United
1 – Tranmere Rovers
1 – Watford
1 – Wolverhampton Wanderers
1 – York City