Football has a long pedigree on the island of Alderney with both locals and garrisoned British troops playing the sport from at least Victorian times. The early to mid-1920s were a boom time for football in Alderney, coinciding with the Island team’s only Muratti win to date. The Alderney Challenge Cup and Alderney Muratti Cup competitions attracted great interest. The former was for Island teams only with the Northern Belles and Athletics generally coming out on top. The latter included U.K. military teams and A Company (Manchester Regiment) and D.C.L.I “D” Company as well as the Belles and Athletics all won the trophy.

On-island competition endured and in the more modern era in the 1970s and 1980s Alderney had its own local league with a small number of teams including The Belles, The Athletics (known as the ‘Tics) and The Colts. It became apparent however that Alderney just didn’t have enough footballers to run even a few teams and often the games were little more than five-a-side. This situation didn’t help Alderney’s Muratti hopes so in 1991 the various teams were amalgamated into one side representing the island in the Guernsey Football League hierarchy.

Initially the club competed in the Railway League, effectively the Third Tier of Guernsey Football. As Aurigny Nomads Alderney FC won the League in their first season but financial constraints threatened the club’s continuance in the Guernsey Leagues in the late 1990s and early 2000s. The Alderney FA looked seriously at withdrawing and returning to the old system of on-island competition but somehow the club battled through and remained within the Guernsey system.

The team’s name changed a few times over the years. Aurigny Nomads to Bavaria Nomads reflecting a beer company’s sponsorship, then Alderney Nomads in 2014-15 before becoming simply Alderney FC in 2016-17, although Nomads remains the team’s nickname. Alderney has entered a team every season apart from 2015-16 because some of the senior players were unavailable travelling around the world.

Alderney FC were eventually promoted in 2012 to the second level in Guernsey, the Jackson League. The Nomads enjoyed a steady start before edging out Vale Recreation Reserves for the title in 2014-15 in a race that went down to the last games of the season. After the gap season of 2015-16 Alderney made their debut in the topflight Priaulx League in 2016-17, finishing a creditable 5th. The next campaign was a relative disappointment but in 2018-19 the team stormed to the runners up position, battling the title winners St Martins all the way.

Rich Hunt

Recent Guernsey League Record

Season     Team                       League            P    W  D  L    F    A      Pts       Position

2012-13    Bavaria Nomads     Jackson          14    6    1   7   34  45      19          4th

2013-14    Bavaria Nomads     Jackson          16    5    4   7   37  43      19          6th

2014-15    Alderney Nomads   Jackson          16   11   2   3   48  25      35          1st

2016-17    Alderney Nomads    Priaulx            21   8    3  10   35  45     27          5th

2017-18    Alderney Nomads    Priaulx            24   8    4  12   32  52     28          7th

2018-19    Alderney Nomads   Priaulx            24   16  5   3    50  24     53          2nd