100th Muratti Win Anniversary Plan For New Clubhouse Extension

By 13th December 2019 No Comments

When I came to the meeting of clubs at the Rotary Meeting at the Sailing Club in March I was struck by everyone querying storage.

I have since recommended the Football club to change tack. It is important that we not only get the Football Club needs in order but also provide for the future needs of the youth of this Island. Regrettably most of the Sports Clubs find themselves breaking what would be considered no go areas on the mainland. Part of this is because when our Captain Ross Benfield  first started school 21 years ago at St. Anne’s there  was 230 pupils and 21 in his school year which meant that often teams could be done over 2 school years legally. Now some year groups only have 8 and sometimes only 3 of one sex. Our Football club has only 2 changing rooms so often under 18’s are changing with Adults. We intend to put this right by having 4 changing rooms. This will mean not only that we can have back to back matches played legally but in their same age group or sex. I now intend to push for a basic Sports Hall in the future that is 40 metres x 30 metres with only toilets added on the outside. This means cost of it will be far less and the clubhouse facilities will be available for a nominal charge. We also intend to add storage again for realistic charges so that some clubs will have somewhere to  put their stuff. The other benefit having 4 changing rooms will have is that in future we could also apply for a 4g or maybe 5g  pitch that is suitable for football, rugby etc.  Our extension is being planned to finish in 2020 to coincide with the 100th anniversary of our last success in the Muratti. Once our extension is complete we would like to call a community meeting for a community Sports Hall to be built by 2022.

I have called on a few individuals to be main sponsors by putting in £5,000 EACH which I have done along with one other for our clubhouse and we will get 50% grant from the FA. We are also looking for individuals or companies or clubs to pay £500 to be on a Muratti Anniversary Honours board in the new clubhouse.  The plan is to do it in 3 sections so the first would be to build the extension, then later in the year when funds have been raised improve our existing clubhouse to blend in with the new including having disability features as be able to hold 130 ish people in the clubhouse rather than the squashed 35 to 40 as of now. Any donation by bank transfer to Lloyds Sort Code  30-93-73.  Account number  36997168 would be appreciated. Our total target is £110,000 to be matched by grants of £110,000. There is currently £18,145 in this special account.

Please see link for Henry Hill’s great video.

Best wishes Reg Atkins Alderney FA Chairman